Amazing Home Remedies for Acidity (Gastric acid)

Amazing Home Remedies for Acidity (Gastric acid) homemade solutions

Amazing Home Remedies for Acidity (Gastric acid)

There are a lot of people who are facing the problems like acidity, heartburn and other problems related to the stomach.
Burning sensation in the stomach or chest, sour stomach or sour belching, heavy stomach, digestion problem, constipation, and gas problem, bloating.

These problems are the symptoms of acidity in the stomach and due to this we feel a burning sensation in the food pipe also which is known as heartburn and because of this the acid levels increase in the stomach and sometimes reaches the mouth as well,
Most of the times due to consuming a lot of spicy food or a change in the meal routine also cause the acid levels to increase in the stomach and its said to be a common problem but if this problem starts to happen regularly then it can be dangerous for us.

So it is important to be precautions about it from the start of this problem as most of the people ignore this problem thinking that it’s very common to have acidity, But this problem is related to our stomach and digestive system and our digestive system is the main function of the body which should always be healthy.

If our stomach and digestion are not well then the chances of diseases grow even more in the body, If the acidity increases in the body then it can lead to the ulcer in the stomach, small intestine, and cancer also which is why it’s really important to cure this problem at the right time.
This is very common that the doctor’s medication fix the acidity problem for some time but does not cure completely and because of consuming a lot of medicines or taking medicines on an empty stomach this problem grows even more, So in this video, we will share some very effective and beneficial homemade remedies so that the problem of acidity can be cured completely
And some precautions to take so that this problem stays far away from you forever.

So now let’s take a look at the first remedy which cures the acidity problem instantly For this, we will need

Cold milk and
clarified butter

For the recipe take 1 glass water
Then add 20 ml cold milk in it
Followed by 1 spoon clarified butter
And mix it well then consume it

Whenever you have acidity problem then consuming this remedy fixes this problem instantly And it also affects heartburn and stomach ache.
People who have a regular problem of acidity then this remedy should be consumed after the meal and if you want then you can consume only cold milk for the cure of this problem.

let’s take a look at another remedy for this remedy, we will need:

Turmeric powder,
black salt,
cumin seeds and

For the recipe:
First roast the cumin seeds in a pan and after that make its powder
Then take half teaspoon cumin seeds powder
Mix half teaspoon turmeric powder
Followed by half teaspoon black salt
Then add 1 and a half spoon warm lemon juice

To make the lemon juice warm, first, cut the lemon in half then roast the lemon on the stove for 30 to 40 seconds on low flames and for that, you can hold the lemon upside down with the help of tongs
And make sure not to burn the lemon or else it can give an opposite effect. Once the lemon is hot after 40 seconds then right after that add the lemon juice in the other ingredients and then consume it

This is a tried and tested remedy and 30 seconds after consuming this remedy it starts the effect and fixed the acidity problem Because after consuming this remedy we get burps and the stomach feels light as it cures the acidity in the stomach.

This remedy works as a very effective antacid and it’s a very effective remedy for belching, bloating and sour stomach.
This remedy can be used at any time of the day or when this problem start then also this remedy can be used for instant effect

Buttermilk contains lactic acid which reduces the acidity in the stomach, It also contains Calcium, Vitamin, and potassium which keeps our health in good condition,

So in 1 glass buttermilk
Add black pepper powder
Roasted cumin seeds powder
Black salt and Jaggery
And consume this drink every day after the meal to get rid of the problem related to stomach like acidity, constipation gas etc.

Now let’s take a look at another home remedy
For which we will need

holy basil leaves,
and carom seeds

For the recipe take holy basil leaves and make their paste,
Then make cucumber juice without peeling,
Then in 1 lass cucumber juice
Add holy basil leaves paste,
Followed by half teaspoon carom seeds powder,
Then this drink will be ready

The cucumber in this drink keeps the body hydrated and reduces the toxins in the body which decreases the acid levels in the body,
The holy basil cools the stomach and fixes the burning sensation in the stomach, Apart from this drink aloe vera juice is also very beneficial for acidity and it should be consumed every morning on an empty stomach as it also helps reduce the acid levels in the stomach and with that, the acidity problem cures completely with time.
If you have a constant problem with acidity and burning sensation in the stomach then aloe vera juice should be consumed twice or thrice every day.

Apart from these homemade remedies, we will be sharing some more articles on topics like gas and acidity wherein we will share some very important precautions which should be taken when we face the problems like gas and acidity, And if those precautions are ignored then it can become difficult to cure.

On that note, we hope these remedies help you and make your life better. Support our work by liking this Article Share this with the people in need If you have any questions or suggestions do let us know in the comments down below, and don’t forget to subscribe to homemade solutions if you haven’t already for more amazing and effective homemade remedies just like this one.

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