Most Effective Home Remedies To cure Piles / Hemorrhoids

Most Effective Home Remedies To cure Piles Hemorrhoids

Most Effective Home Remedies To cure Piles / Hemorrhoids

If you are suffering from Piles or Hemorrhoids then it’s important for you to know that this problem cannot be cured in one day or one week, Because this is a problem which happens slowly with time and also increases with time, which is why its treatment is also slow and to cure it completely it’s important to take some precautions and use more than one homemade remedies.

This problem can happen to anyone at any age and people who have constipation or stomach problems they have higher chances of piles and hemorrhoids. women mostly get this problem during pregnancy and People who have high blood pressure problem they also are in a danger zone of piles. In case anyone from your family has or had this problem in the past then the chances are that you may also get this problem, which is why in this situation it’s important to take precautions with the things we eat.

People who are suffering from this problem they hesitate to talk about it with others because of its something discreet and related to the private parts of the body. But the main source of this disease is our stomach and all the problems that happen because of the unhealthy stomach. They can be cured when they have just started, but as the time passes then, it takes a lot to cure these problems,
therefor when we see any symptoms of this problem then it’s important to take precautions from the first time we notice it.

So in this Article, we will share some very effective and easy homemade remedies which will help you to cure this problem completely. and if these remedies are used on a daily basis then you will be able to get rid of pain and bleeding even if you have this problem for a long time. We will also share tips on what to consume and what precautions to take to get instant pain relief and cure this problem completely,
So let’s take a look at the first remedy

To cure piles Jatyadi Oil is very beneficial

This oil is made from 20 Ancient ayurvedic herbs like, licorice, myrobalan, honey and turmeric which is 100% natural and it’s used to cure the wounds and for different problems related to the skin
The best part of this oil is that it affects the hemorrhoids very fast and it also removes the infection from that area completely which prevents this problem from coming back.

To use this oil:
Take a cotton ball and soak it with Jatyadi Oil completely then put this soaked cotton on the anus and press it inwards.
This process will help the oil enter the rectum and will start the healing process on the affected area.
We don’t have to use more than 2 to 3 ml oil in one go and if you have the hemorrhoids inside the rectum then try to apply the oil inside.
This process should be done twice or thrice in a day or before and after relieving yourself and before going to bed also.
And when you are going to bed then instead of just applying the oil, perform the whole procedure and keep the cotton, on the area overnight, as this helps the oil to do its job very fast.
This oil has been used by Ayurveda for hemorrhoids and piles since the ancient times. And if you use this oil for 1 week then you will get better results and also see the difference.
But for good results, we must use some homemade remedies as well with this oil.

And for the next remedy, we will need

Eugenia Jambolana or Indian Blackberry seeds, Mango seeds, and roasted cumin seeds powder

We will be using mango seeds for the remedy because mango seeds are very beneficial for the bleeding in hemorrhoids, People who are suffering from hemorrhoids for a long time and have a problem of bleeding then mango seeds are very beneficial for curing the bleeding.
Before making the remedy put the Eugenia jambolana and mango seeds to dry and after they are dried, make their powder To make the mango seeds powder after it dries we have to use the internal part of the seed.
Then take 50 gms Eugenia jambolana seeds powder,
Followed by 25 gms mango seeds powder,
Then add 25 gms roasted cumin seeds powder,
And mix all these ingredients together then this remedy will be ready,
This powder should be consumed twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon after meal mixed with lukewarm water.

The Eugenia jambolana seeds powder in this remedy help clear the stomach and softens the stool. Which helps the stool pass easily and it also kills the infection. And make sure to consume this powder only in the morning and afternoon after meal and not after dinner
Àpart from this there is another ayurvedic remedy which is very beneficial for hemorrhoids.
Which is Abhayarishta,
This is a liquid Ayurvedic medicine and it’s easily available at any local ayurvedic store, And you can buy this online as well and for that see the link down below. In case you are not able to get this oil and you do not live in India then you can try at any Indian store near you or you can ask them to arrange this oil from India.

Abhayarishta is used for all the problems related to the stomach and it is very beneficial for piles, Just like the jatyadi oil this liquid medicine as well is made from more than 15 ayurvedic herbs
And it is best known for relieving the extreme pain of piles.

To use this ayurvedic medicine
1. Take 1 cup lukewarm water
2. And mix 2 tablespoon abhayarishta in the water and consume it every day 1 hour after meal

If this ayurvedic medicine is used on a regular basis then you will notice that the pain will go away and there will be a huge difference in the piles, But while its use make sure that you do not consume more than 10 to 15 ml and it can be harmful if you are pregnant, so pregnant women should not consume this medicine.

Apart from this, there are some common vegetables that are very helpful and beneficial for hemorrhoids, And for this radish and bitter gourd juice is very helpful. People who have bloody or flatulent piles they should consume 1 cup bitter gourd and 1 cup radish juice thrice in a week. As their consumption helps reduce the infection and relieves us of the pain instantly

Apart from this fruits like
Coconut water, Papaya, watermelon, bael fruit and Eugenia jambolana are very beneficial, Bael fruit works as a magical medicine for piles and people who have problems like constipation or acidity they should consume its juice or powder thrice a week, Coconut water also should be consumed once every day as it prevents the heat production in the stomach, In piles, even very less heat produced in the stomach can cause enormous amount of pain and in this case consuming half glass coconut water on an empty stomach is very beneficial.
To keep the stomach cool fresh curd is also very good and beneficial
Consuming curd with oats every morning as breakfast increases the fiber levels in the body and also controls the heat in the stomach
Apart from this spinach and jackfruit are very good because these 2 vegetables are rich in iron and fiber which play an important role in hemorrhoids and piles, If there is a good amount of fiber and iron in the body then we do not face any problem in passing the stool and it also removes the weakness.

A piles and hemorrhoids patient should replace the regular food with seasonal fruits and green salad and consumables made from wheat and barley flour. Dehydration in piles can make this problem worse so consume as much water as possible throughout the day to keep the body hydrated, but in 1 hour do not drink more than 250 ml water, Piles and hemorrhoids is a very serious and painful disease, which is why whether it’s on the first stage or it’s on the stage of getting cured, it’s impossible to cure it completely without taking precautions and regimen for food. So stop the consumption of very spicy food and any type of pepper.and if you still want the food to be spicy then use the green chile or green pepper instead of red pepper or chile.
In case you consume food that contains pepper than to remove the heat from the stomach consume 1 glass cucumber and peppermint juice or 1 glass coconut water, Internal warts and bleeding are common in hemorrhoids and these warts are another version of flatulent stomach and fats, So we must not consume the foods which increase the fats and gas in the body so the consumption of food products which are made from fine flour like bread, buns etc, And fatty food products like potato and potato products, chickpeas, chickpeas lentils gram flour and soy products
Because all these food products soak the water and dehydrate the body which results in constipation
And people who have piles, their stomach should be clean and clear because the main reason for this disease is constipation and if the stomach is not clear then it becomes very difficult to cure this problem.
So try to reduce the consumption of food products which are deep fried and packed food products and junk food also
In piles, our blood pressure also should be normal because most of the times increased blood pressure makes this problem even worse
So people who smoke, consume alcohol and eat meat and non-vegan food most of the times they should stop consumption of these things when suffering from piles.
Apart from this sweet and sour foods can also make this problem worse especially ice cream and baked products As these type of foods have a large amount of refined sugar which dehydrates the body and makes the stool hard and becomes the reason of constipation. Sour food products make the internal wounds worse which may result in problem getting more serious So stop the consumption of sour foods also if you have piles or hemorrhoids.

On that note, i hope these remedies help you and make your life better, Leave a like if you like this Article, Share it with the people in need, If you have any questions or suggestions do let us know in the comments down below, And don’t forget to subscribe to homemade solutions if you haven’t already for more amazing and effective homemade remedies just like this one.

Thank you.

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