Psoriasis Cure 2 Most Effective Home Remedies

Psoriasis Cure 2 Most Effective Home Remedies

Psoriasis Cure 2 Most Effective Home Remedies

In this Article, we will be talking about psoriasis and how to cure this disease with the help of some amazing homemade remedies.

Psoriasis is a serious skin disease which can happen at any part of the body and it can also spread to the different parts of the body.
This is a disease which increases with time and it’s very important to treat it from its first stage.
Because if no precautions are taken with this disease, then a normal skin shedding can become a serious problem without us knowing it.
And with irritation, the problem of burning and bleeding from that area takes place and start getting worse.

Psoriasis does not spread by touching but it can be in a person’s genes, meaning it can be a genetic disease which is passed on to a person by their ancestors.
So if someone had psoriasis in your family then the chances are that you might as well get it.

This is an autoimmune disease, which happens when our immune system doesn’t work properly.
In every 30 days, the old skin sheds from our body and new skin take its place. But when a person suffers from psoriasis then this time reduces to only a few days.
The areas of our body where psoriasis takes effect, the skin of that area starts shedding very fast and new skin starts building up which results in the production of flakes.

This disease can be a result of 3 reasons, Internal, External and from our mind. And so to cure this problem completely it’s very important to treat it externally as well as internally. And people suffering from this problem should take precautions and regimen for food because it’s not possible to cure this kind of autoimmune disease only by treating it externally. Which is why in this video we will share some very effective and easy homemade remedies to treat psoriasis. And if these remedies are used regularly then you will notice that psoriasis is reducing day by day.
We will also share some tips and precautions which are important to take in this disease. So first let’s take a look at some external homemade remedies. And for the first one,

We will need
Indian Lilac leaves, Aloe vera Gel, Turmeric powder, camphor, and marigold flowers

Marigold flowers are very beneficial and effective for curing any kind of wounds and helps fight many skin diseases.
It is so effective that is has its place among the top effective herbs in the world. This flower contains a lot of antiseptic properties which are very good and effective for any kind of infection or Fungus on the skin.

As we all know that when a diabetes patient gets any wound, then for them it takes a while to cure those wounds.
But with the use of marigold flowers, the wounds of a diabetic patient can be treated and get cured very fast.

We will have to make an oil with all these ingredients so these should be mixed together. And to make an oil out of these ingredients we will need 2 base oils.

To cure psoriasis fast, sesame oil and coconut oil are very beneficial.
Sesame is used in 30 to 40 % ayurvedic medicines to cure different diseases with different methods.
And this oil has magical effects on any wounds and skin diseases.

To make this remedy

1. Take 100ml Sesame oil and add 100 ml coconut oil to it and cook it on medium flames on the stove
2. Then in this mixture add 25gms Indian lilac leaves
3. Followed by 25 gms fresh aloe vera gel
4. And add 50gms or 1 cup marigold flower petals
5. And while adding the marigold flowers make sure that only its petals are added and not the green stem.
6. Once all the ingredients are added to the oil then cook this mixture for 5 – 6 minutes on medium flames.
7. While you mix all these ingredients in the oil mixture at that time the quantity of the ingredients will seem more than the base oil. But slowly as the ingredients will start to cook then the oil will separate from the ingredients.
8. Switch the stove off after 5 – 6 minutes and let the oil cool for 2 – 3 minutes.
9. When the oil is lukewarm then Add 1 tablespoon turmeric powder
10. Followed by 2 pinch camphor and the camphor should be fresh.
When these ingredients are mixed with the lukewarm oil then let the oil cool down at room temperature.
When this oil cools then strain it and transfer it to a glass container or bottle.
And the remedy will be ready.

Indian Lilac is always used for curing any type of skin problem or disease. And with psoriasis, this herb is also very useful for pimples, eczema, rashes, and warts.
The coconut oil helps fix the dryness, burning, and irritation caused by psoriasis.

This homemade oil should be applied during the night before going to bed, on those areas of the body which are affected by psoriasis.
After the application covers that area with a cloth or a gauze and keeps it overnight.
If this remedy is used regularly then psoriasis will start to reduce and you will also notice that.
But to cure this problem completely some other remedies should also be used with this one.
This oil can also be used for hair and with those people who have problems like rashes, eczema, and warts, they also can use this oil to cure these problems.

Apart from this cow urine is also very beneficial for psoriasis patients, ├Čt is a boon for any skin related disease.
This is used mostly in India but because it is very beneficial it has been used in many medicines for a long time now.
Cow urine also is very beneficial for eczema, rashes, irritation, any type of fungus, infection and leucoderma disease.
In case you cannot arrange fresh cow urine, then you can buy the cow urine extract online as well.
You can also get the cow urine extract at any local ayurvedic store and for purchasing online see the link in the description down below.
And if you can arrange fresh cow urine then make sure that the urine should be from the cow which consumes vegetables and fodder. and if you get the fresh cow urine then it can be used for 7 to 8 days

And for the remedy, we will need
Turmeric Powder, Marigold Flower, and Cow Urine

1. To make this remedy first wash the marigold flowers thoroughly remove their petals.
2. Then grind all these ingredients together to make a paste.
3. Then this remedy will be ready and when it’s ready then apply this paste to psoriasis affected areas on the body.
4. In case you apply this paste during the day then make sure that you apply it at that time when it can be applied and kept for a long time.
5. And whenever you wash it then after washing it you can apply the first homemade oil or only coconut oil on the affected areas.

Both of these remedies are so effective that if these are used continuously for 1 month then you will see amazing results in psoriasis.
And these remedies can also be used for the problems like eczema, ringworm, and irritation.
So try to arrange all the ingredients for both the remedies as all are very important.
When psoriasis becomes serious then it causes weakness in the body and our bones also weakens.

The reason is that if our skin sheds continuously then the body starts losing proteins.
And because this is an autoimmune disease, it is important to treat this disease internally with external treatments.
So in the next video on the same topic, we will share some very effective consumable homemade remedies.

Which will be able to cure this disease from the base of psoriasis.
And if those remedies will be used with the remedies shared in this article then you will be able to treat psoriasis, even if you have this problem for a very long time.
On that note, I hope these remedies help you and make your life better.

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