Skin Whitening and Spot Reduction Homemade Cream

Skin Whitening and Spot Reduction Homemade Cream

Skin Whitening and Spot Reduction Homemade Cream

There are N number of products available in the market for skin problems which claim to bring a glow on the face and remove the spots from the skin. But most of the products contain chemicals which are bad for our skin and turn our skin into a sensitive one.
Which is why using any skin care product becomes harmful for our skin later.

Here is the solution of this problem shared by Homemade Solutions (Skin Whitening and Spot Reduction Cream | Homemade remedies 100% Natural)

When we care for our skin we always use creams and moisturizers. whether we use these products to bring a glow on the face or get rid of pimples and dark spots.

Creams are used for almost every problem related to the skin because nowadays people do not get time to care for their skin and using any sort of cream becomes an easy and a time-saving solution.

If you use this natural cream regularly then it will help remove the dark spots from the face and also bring a natural glow to your face.

The first cream we are gonna make can be used during the day as well as night. But if this cream is used during the night then it gives better results.

For the remedy, we will need:
1. Almonds,
2. Lemon Zest,
3. Olive Oil,
4. Sandalwood Powder,
5. Rose Water,
6. Fresh coconut.

All theses ingredients are very important to make this homemade cream and you can get all these ingredients in the market easily, some links are given at the end.

Almond powder:

After this, we will need almond powder. you can also get ready-made powder from the market, or you can make the almond powder at home as well.
To make the powder at home soak 8 – 10 almonds in water for 3 hours, as soaking the almonds in water helps it easier to remove the almond peel. To remove the peel, almonds also can be boiled in the water for 2 – 3 minutes as this also makes it easier to remove the peel.
Once the almond peel is removed then grind the almonds in a blender to make the powder and make sure that the powder should be fine so that the cream is smooth.

lemon zest or lemon peel:

We will need lemon zest or lemon peel for the remedy so remember to take the lemon with a thick peel because it gets easy removing the lemon peel if it is thick. While removing the lemon zest make sure to remove only its first layer till the white part is revealed and for that, a grater tool is very handy and makes the process easy.

Olive oil:

Take 1 tablespoon lemon zest and mix it with 30 ml olive oil and keep it overnight.
You can also boil it with the double boiling method and keep it for 1 hour. Both of these processes helps the oil in the lemon zest mix with the olive oil and this way it becomes lemon olive oil.

Almonds and sandalwood oil:

The almonds and sandalwood in this remedy help remove spots and dirt from the face. It also brings a natural glow on the face.
The lemon and olive oil in this cream is really effective and good for curing the pimple spots and pigmentation. If you have a lot of pimple spots and pigmentation on you skin then only this oil also can be massaged to remove these spots.

Coconut flesh/cream:

To make this cream we will need fresh coconut flesh/cream and make sure that the cream should be thin because using thin coconut flesh/cream is good for making a smooth cream. It also cleans the skin affected by the sun during summers.

For the recipe of the homemade cream:
1. Take 2 – 3 tablespoon almonds powder,
2. Add 1 – 2 tablespoons lemon olive oil,
3. And 1 tablespoon rose water,
4. Followed by 2 tablespoons fresh coconut flesh,
5. add 1 tablespoon sandalwood powder,
6. Once all the ingredients are added then grind them in a blender to make its paste.
In case the consistency of the paste is thin, then you can add more sandalwood and almonds powder to make a thick paste and this homemade cream will be ready.

This cream should be massaged on the face every night before going to bed and keep it on the face overnight.
This cream also can be used during the day and if you want then with the same ratio it can be made in a large quantity also.
If you want to use it on the body, then the quantity of lemon olive oil and coconut flesh should be increased so that its consistency can be thin so that it can work as a body lotion.

This cream should be stored in a cool and dry place or it can also be stored in the refrigerator. If you want this cream to last longer then you can add 1 vitamin E capsule oil in this cream.
Vitamin E oil is very good for our skin and its also used in all the creams available in the market.
If you use this cream for 15 days then you will notice a very good and amazing difference on your skin. This cream is really effective for removing the spots from the face and also brings a natural glow in comparison with the creams from the market.

Aloe Vera gel:

And instead of using coconut flesh you can also use or milk cream. And if you do not have sandalwood powder then you can use fuller earth powder also or increase the almond powder quantity.

Kaolin Clay/Thanaka Powder:

Apart from this if you have spots on the face and you want to bring the natural glow back than kaolin clay and thanaka powder are very good and effective. so these also can be used for making the cream instead of sandalwood powder or with sandalwood powder as well.
Thanaka powder has two uses though:
1 ) it’s used to remove unwanted hair from the body,
2 ) it is also very good for our skin.

Sandal Wood Powder:
Rose Water:!NNNN
Olive Oil:
Fuller Earth Powder:!NNNN

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