Superfood for Weight Loss

SUPERFOOD Chia Seeds Red Wine Coconut oil Desi Cow Ghee

Superfood for weight loss

Overweight and obesity is an alarming issue a major part of the world is suffering from. As per a study it was found that about 1 out 3 kids is overweight in USA. The lifestyle we follow plays a major role in our body weight, consumption of more junk and processed food, no exercise and stress can lead to overweight. Being Overweight can lead to some major diseases such as thyroid disorders, cholesterol, cardiovascular issue etc.. hence it is necessary to control weight to stay fit and healthy.
It is misconception that by starving one can lose weight, instead eating proper food can help you to reduce weight. There are some super food which can help to shed weight in a very

Chia Seeds:

Chia seeds are native to mexico are high in fiber. Chia seeds helps to make you feel fuller longer and helps you from overeating.Apart from weight loss they are good for heart health.
Consuming for about 4-8 tsp of chia seed daily can keep you less hungry as they absorb water 10 times their weight and fills up your stomach.You can include chia seed which detox water, can be add with veggie salad or a fruit salad.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oils are rich in saturated fats this the reason why it is not used as cooking oil, but one thing that we do not know is it is a misconceptions that saturated fats are not good for our body but this statement is true only for long chain fatty acids and not for medium or short chain fatty acids.
Coconut oil specially extra virgin coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids which increases metabolism and also good for brain function, muscle function (including heart muscle!), healing, energy etc.. . Including 2 tsp of coconut oil daily in your diet plan can effectively reduce belly fat and waist line. One can directly have coconut oil or include it this veggies or salads.

Fenugreek seeds:

Fenugreek seeds which is well known in india as methi dana is very beneficial for weight loss as it contains a water-soluble heteropolysaccharide called Galactomannan which helps in reducing weight as it prevents from overeating by making you feel fuller.
Including fenugreek seeds into your daily meal helps to reduce weight in a very healthy and effective way. One drink overnight soaked fenugreek seeds water and include it which veggies.

Red Wine:

Having 2 glasses of red wine before bed can contribute to weight loss. Red Wine is rich in polyphenol called resveratrol which is a type of micronutrients. This polyphenol turns the white fat to beige fat which are easy to burn.

Superfood for weight loss ghee desi cow

Desi Cow Ghee:

Ghee is nothing but a milk product obtained by curdling and heating or clarifying milk.
Ghee specially obtained from cow’s milk does not gets stored as fat in our body.
Ghee is rich in Medium chain triglycerides which are responsible for increasing body metabolism. Ghee improves digestion and immunity.
Including at least 1 tsp of desi cow ghee in your diet daily can help in shed weight.

Cumin Seed:

Cumin seed are well known as jeera in india are used daily to add flavour to dishes, apart from this cumin seed has various health benefits. Cumin seeds contains thymol and other essential oils which stimulates salivary gland, hence improves digestion and helps in weight loss.
Drinking cumin seed water which are soaked overnight or having cumin seeds mixed with curd can help in reducing weight.

Green Tea:

Green tea is one of the most common beverage for weight loss, almost everyone is aware with the fact that green tea helps in weight loss. The reason behind its weight loss property is it is rich in antioxidants called EGCG which is responsible for increasing the metabolism and  caffeine which helps in fat burning. Replacing your normal tea or coffee with green tea can help to lose weight significantly.

Curry Leaves:

Curry leaves which is well known as kadi patta or sweet neem in indian households. Apart from adding flavours to indian cuisines they are beneficial for weight loss. Curry leaves help in reducing the level of triglycerides and bad cholesterol thus helps in fight obesity.
Having 7-8 curry leaves a day can help in weight loss.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider Vinegar is obtained through fermentation and the main key ingredient in ACV is Acetic acid which is short chain fatty acid.
Acetic acid helps in dissolving hydrogen and acetate present in our body. Drinking ACV solution with water can prove beneficial for weight loss.
Apple cider vinegar can increase the metabolism,lowers the blood sugar level, reduces fat storage in our body and burns fat.


It is always recommended to include high fiber and low fat proteins to lose weight and that best protein is none other than beans and on such beans is lentil.
The lentils are low in fat rich in fiber and has slow digesting carbohydrates which makes you u feel fuller for longer.


Oats are loaded with high fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals hence it makes you feel fuller for longer thus preventing overeating.
Including oatmeal in diet chart can be beneficial for weight loss.

Brown Rice:

Brown rice is rich in fiber and contains healthy fat which increases the metabolism of our body.
It is low energy density food and helps to make feel full.
It is suggested to replace white rice with brown rice to lose weight.


Almonds are rich in health fatty acids such as omega 3 fatty acids which prevents from cardiovascular diseases and stabilizes the level of bad cholesterol.
Almond’s skin are rich with dietary fiber which are good for proper digestion. It helps in development of lean muscles because of high proteins.

Hot Pepper:

The hot flavour of  pepper is caused due to the compound called capsaicin which boost thermogenesis which burns the calories and speed ups the metabolism to lose weight.
Hence including pepper to you dishes is a healthy step towards weight loss.

super food weight loss Bulgur wheat dalia thulli indian food


Bulgur wheat which is well known in India as dalia is rich in high fiber, high protein, low calorie.
Dalia is slow process food hence digest slowly and therefore keep you filling for longer.
Replacing wheat, maida with dalia can be beneficial for weight loss.


Oranges are rich in vitamin C, it can fulfill almost 90 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin C in human body. Vitamin C are required to maintain connective tissue, bone and skin. Oranges are hydrating fruit as 85 percent of oranges are water hence oranges can help to control weight.


Carrots are rich in beta carotene which helps to make Vitamin A, it is low in calories and high in fiber, it is rich in potassium which helps it to bring the cholesterol level thus beneficial for weight loss.

Salmon Fish:

Salmon is comparatively high in calorie and fat which makes it one of the best fish for weight loss at it is suggested that oily fish are best for weight loss.
Salmon is rich in  high fiber which controls your hunger and it contains healthy fats such as omega 3 fatty acids which is helpful for weight loss.


Weight loss program suggests more intake of water to remain hydrated as it helps to flush out harmful substance from the body and what’s better than including soup.
Soups are low in calories and having them before meal can reduce the intake to meal than usual thus helping in weight loss.
Some healthy and weight loss effective soups are: chicken broth and bone, beef pho, carrot-ginger soup, spinach hemp soup, coconut milk curry soup etc… .

Olive Oil:

Olive oil are beneficial for various other diseases along with weight loss. The highest quality version of olive oil i.e. the Extra Virgin olive oil which formed by cold pressing the olive fruit has very effective weight loss properties.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil are rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants which helps fighting free radicals in blood streams. It contains 77 percent mono-saturated fat which decreases the level of bad cholesterol and increases the level of good cholesterol. It reduces hunger pangs and absorbs fat from blood.
Adding 3 tsp of olive oil to your meal either as a dressing over salad or directly having have 1tsp before every meal can be healthy step towards weight loss.

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