What is Prediabetes and how diabetes develops (Causes)

What is Prediabetes and how diabetes develops (Causes) Homemade Solutions

What is Prediabetes and how diabetes develops (Causes)

Prediabetes is a pre-diagnosis of diabetes, you can take it as a warning sign. It’s when your blood sugar level (blood glucose level) is higher than normal, but it’s not high enough to be considered diabetes.

Prediabetes is an indication that you could develop diabetes if you don’t make some lifestyle changes. Because it is possible to prevent prediabetes from developing into diabetes.

Causes which develops the diabetes:


Diabetes is a disease which is hereditary. if in your family history your parents had diabetes, you may also have diabetes. but this does not mean that you will definitely have diabetes. But it increases the chances to have.


Lack of exercise: Physical activity has many benefits—one of them being that it can help you avoid diabetes if you’re susceptible.

Unhealthy meal planning: A meal filled with high-fat foods and lacking in fiber increases the likelihood of diabetes.

Overweight/Obesity: Lack of exercise and unhealthy meal can lead to obesity, or make your health worse. Being overweight makes it more likely that you’ll become insulin resistant and can also lead to many other health conditions.


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